How to Improve Children’s Cognitive Abilities ?

It is important to develop children’s cognitive abilities from birth, even if one does not wish to direct them to complex occupations such as coding later on. As for parents who wish to encourage their children to discover coding, they will have no choice but to invest even more. How do you go about it?

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Introduce the child to coding

By doing a quick search on the net, one quickly realizes that a high percentage of parents are thinking about it. The number of games supposed to introduce the child to this activity is impressive. It is important to remember, however, that not everything that shines is gold. Sometimes you have to trust specialists like MentalUp. The focus is not on the particular specialist, but on his or her approach. Declaring that a game is primarily intended to teach a four-year-old to code is not entirely accurate and MentalUp avoids doing so. Instead, it offers playful games that encourage children to think and develop their creativity. And it is precisely these skills that will help him become a good programmer in the future.

MentalUp Games

The range of games offered by MentalUp is wide. Association games, logic games, puzzles, labyrinths, word games, to name just a few, have the aim to improve memory, spatialisation, attention, calculation, strategy and speed of information processing. All these faculties will then allow children to quickly assimilate the knowledge required for coding.

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