Top Programming Languages for Kids Today

Today, technology affects most aspects of our lives. That’s why it’s pretty smart to enlighten your little one about computers and programming. While you think about it, below are a few programming languages that could come in handy when teaching your kid basic coding skills.

KidCode - Top Programming Languages for Kids Today


Python is a popular text-based programming language. It is powerful, reliable, and ideal for kids who are as young as eight years old. With Python, your child can master how to create coding ideas and turn them into instructions that your computer understands. The programming language features fantastic code layouts, making it convenient for introducing young minds to coding.


You don’t have to pay anything to make the most out of this programming language for kids. Its simplicity makes it perfect for beginners, but it’s still efficient for slightly experienced young coders. Scratch enables kids to create games, animations, and interactive stories and even share them with other coders.

As a parent looking for high-quality programming languages for kids, you could also consider others such as:

* C++

* Ruby

* Java

* Lua

* JavaScript

* Blockly

Motivating kids to play MentalUP brain games could enhance their cognitive abilities, allowing them to understand these programming languages better.

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